Cooperative Congestion Management
Revolutionizing Transportation Planning with Data Visualization and Dashboards
Contra Costa County Transportation Authority (CCTA), based in Walnut Creek, CA, USA, embarked on a transformative journey to enhance data-driven decision-making and transportation planning within the county. Struggling with dispersed data across various systems and lacking a centralized repository, CCTA sought a strategic partner to revolutionize their approach to data analytics and visualization.
CCTA faced significant challenges in efficiently storing, analyzing, and utilizing data from their transportation systems. With data scattered across different formats and systems, the absence of a centralized repository hindered comprehensive analysis and decision-making. Moreover, the lack of an analytics platform limited their ability to respond effectively to transportation issues and monitor system performance.
DAVTEQ Inc., a leading technical and program management solution provider, was selected to spearhead CCTA's initiative. With a focus on creating analytics applications and dashboards, DAVTEQ aimed to empower CCTA with actionable insights and streamlined data management processes. Task Order 1 marked the beginning of this transformative journey, where DAVTEQ leveraged cloud and visualization technologies to develop a web-based dashboard providing real-time visualizations of traffic and incident performance measures in Contra Costa County.
DAVTEQ Inc. capitalized on cloud and visualization technologies to craft a dynamic web-based dashboard for CCTA, seamlessly integrating data from Inrix, PeMS, and Streetlight for real-time visualization of transportation metrics.

Leveraging back-end analytics pipelines and APIs hosted in the cloud, the dashboard offered robust analytical capabilities. Its interactive and intuitive interface empowered users to explore data effortlessly, facilitating informed decision-making. Moreover, the implementation of automatic monthly updates ensured continuous monitoring and analysis, enhancing CCTA's ability to respond effectively to evolving transportation challenges.

The dashboard also incorporated additional elements such as CMP data, transportation projects, and Contra Costa 511 utilization metrics. These enhancements aim to provide CCTA with a comprehensive tool for transportation planning and decision-making.

The collaboration between CCTA and DAVTEQ marks a significant milestone in the county's journey towards data-driven transportation planning. By leveraging advanced analytics and visualization technologies, CCTA is poised to make informed decisions, optimize system performance, and enhance public safety and mobility. As the partnership continues to evolve, DAVTEQ remains committed to supporting CCTA in achieving its goals of creating a smarter, more efficient transportation network for Contra Costa County.